BigCommerce. – SaaS eCommerce Platform

Our Area of Expertise:

Stensil Development

With the launch of stensils, BigCommerce has turned into Biggercommerce. Its advanced and latest. Better Performance, Improved SEO, faster page speed, Mobile friendly – This all comes with the use of stensils. Our team cruise the development with the power of stensil to give you future ready eCommerce.


Running a growing business requires an efficient manageability. If we can centralize the different business activities, it will become much easier to operate with better risk management. With the legion of robust APIs you can give your business a drastic lift. At G square digital we can provide you with seamless integration with various business model like ERP, Payment Gateway, Custom gateway, Third Party product feeds, POS and many more.


BigCommerce Stores API has a RESTful architecture(Representational State Transfer) which allows you to use the language and code of your choice. Using the latest Storefront APIs we can do changes on CART and can help in managing the contents of a shopper’s cart using JavaScript. In the context of a storefront session, with the help the Order API, Product API, Customer API we can do many changes as per the requirement. We employ BigCommerce API using PHP OR Jquery/JavaScript and create Add ons as per the business requirements.

Template Customization
At Gsquare Digital, we customize the default theme that embodies the best practices of eCommerce, the spirit of your business and the uniqueness of your brand to get the all round experience for your user.

Responsive Designing
While building any site, performance is the crucial variable in the equation of conversion rate. What drives eCommerce is the experience. And a designs should not only look good, but they should be coded to be efficient and fully responsive to adjust in devices of all shapes and sizes.

Migrating to Bigcommerce
We don’t cut corners. Our expert team understands the very essence of Bigcommerce and the blockers that may rise while migrating from one frame work to another. We also understand the difficulties a business administrator may face when switched to new platform. We do it all. Right from tackling the challenges risen due to various customization and Data to making sure that the desired results were achieved following migration and unnecessary downtime is reduced.

B2B ready
Our business experts work closely with the development team to give you a smart B2B solution with the help of large arsenal of tools/Widgets of Bigcommerce.

Support & Maintainance
Launching the website is never enough for us. Development is just the start. We believe in helping you to keep up with the requirements that come with your growing business and maintain a sustainable eCommerce

Build it for success
The success of your website is extremely important to us. We pay attention to every aspect of building your website. At G square, We tailor our services in such a way that the resources of the platform are utilized to their full potential and with the knowledge of our team you get best results.