Magento Security and Audit

Magento is a robust ecommerce platform, still Magento continuously work on it to make more robust and secure. Magento regularly releases security patches which helps store owners to enhance the security of platform and protect website and customers data from hackers.


The hackers usually:

  • Exploit your Magento Store
  • Spamming
  • Stealing user data

It is necessary to install security patch on the web store once it released. Installing a patch or applying security measures on Magento web store is a complex process and should be carefully handled to avoid the impact of patch on web stores stability.

Why Choose Us For Magento Security?

We at GSqaure has Magento security certified experts who takes care of installation of security patches. We do it quickly and efficiently with no downtime & without affecting the website performance. We keep monitoring the latest security trend and release of the patch; and keep our clients updated about the same.

We always practice and ask our clients to have:
  • Upgraded to latest Magento version.
  • Two-factor authentication.
  • Set a custom path for the admin panel.
  • Use encrypted connection (SSL/HTTPS).
  • Use Secure FTP where required.
  • Have an active backup at regular intervals.
  • Disable directory indexing.
  • Eliminate e-mail loopholes.
  • Prevent SQL injection.
  • Regular security review of web store.
  • Latest patches to be applied.
We do provide security audit service where we
  • Check for Unauthorized Admin users.
  • Review Admin Actions Log for suspicious activity.
  • Review server logs for suspicious activity.
  • Use a file and data integrity checking tool to receive notification of any potential malware installation.
  • Monitor all system logins (FTP, SSH) for unexpected activity, uploads, or commands.